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“With eco-art and nanotechnology, we aim to rebuild our planet and help the less fortunate communities -- one artwork at a time.”

Inspired by this mission, Romeo Siquijor (a Harvard ES graduate student) thought of using nanocomposite material from sequestered CO2, recycled activated carbon/char, lye, and recycled plastic -- he calls DETE (Decarbonizing Eco Thermoplastic Elastomer) to build carbon-negative sculptures that can absorb CO2 in the air.  He partnered with Leo Haz (a contemporaneous Austrian PET Sculptor who holds the patent on a unique plastic recycling technic called PETing).  They joined together on a mission.  A mission to increase the culture of plastic recycling, find a practical use for sequestered CO2, and build synthetic trees (in form of sculptures) inside our homes.   



Helping the Environment and the Less-fortunate Communities

After paying our artists, 80% of the net proceeds of ECO NFT GALLERY sales go to the less fortunate communities -- the homeless, street children, orphans, and to the Your Building Block Foundation to help special kids and adults to be self-sufficient in life.  Twenty 20% goes to ECO NFT GALLERY/Metagen DAO to plant trees, buy carbon credit (directly from tree farmers), technology innovation, and operations. 


Our Commitment to Carbon-negativity

We only trade carbon-negative NFTs.  How?  We use Enjin's Jumpnet, Polygon Wrapped Eth @ OpenSea, and Solana' Holaplex -- all of which are carbon-friendly NFT marketplaces and blockchain platforms.  On top of that, for each NFT you buy from us -- a tree will be planted on your behalf, and you will also receive a special MetaNFTree as a deed of title of that physical tree's carbon credit value (48 lbs/22 kilograms of carbon per year).  

Virtual Reality (VR) ECO NFT GALLERY

The ECO NFT GALLERY combines modern art with technology -- to build and trade ecological, sustainable, and carbon-negative NFAs (non-fungible assets) with their NFT twins (in digital artwork format).  Our gallery is the home of the Eco NanoSculptures by Leo Haz, the Hobo Art NFT collections by Romeo Siquijor, Ala Spirit NFTrees by Sister Tibebwa, Talistone by Kelsey Chen, Dolphin Dream by Jill Karlin and more eco-artists currently being on-boarded.  We dedicate a VR gallery for each of our artists at  

View our Virtual Reality ECO NFT GALLERY at, (where all past and present artworks are displayed).  Use of VR/AR glasses is recommended.  Send an e-mail to to register and be invited to get a complimentary access to our VR gallery.

In the future, we will also have a physical gallery where we will showcase our latest  Carbon-Negative NFA/NFT projects.



Digital Twin NFAs and NFTs  


Each of our artworks has their digital twin that you can keep in your digital wallet.  When you buy our NFTs, there is possibility to get the rarest NFT with its physical NFA (a sculpture or a digital painting) plus a hefty amount of crypto currency in it.  This happens through a raffle and the winning address gets an NFA, the NFT, and thousands of dollars worth of ENJ or AIOTM tokens.  All physical assets come with a digital certificate embedded in the artwork.  You simply tap your phone and it will bring you the digital portal of the asset where you can verify its authenticity, ownership, details about the artwork, including specific thoughts from the artists who built them.



ECO NFT GALLERY:  Carbon-Negative NFTs Only 

Thanks to Enjin's Jumpnet project (the most energy-efficient NFT blockchain platform), we can make, distribute, and trade our NFT collections carbon-free and gas-free.  Since we only use recycled plastic materials, sequestered CO2, recycled paper, and partnering with Treecycle to plant trees on our behalf and buy carbon credits with UPCO2 blockchain, we can claim that we are the most carbon negative NFT project that exists today.  At ECO NFT GALLERY we only trade carbon-negative NFT artworks -- we want to rebuild our planet and help the less-fortunate communities -- one artwork at a time. 


Owning an NFT has never been a great privilege and intrinsically gratifying -- as anyone who owns any of our collections will take pride in helping the environment (to be carbon-negative and Earth-positive) at the same time helping the less-fortunate communities.



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